Health First

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HEALTH FIRST aims to tackle health inequalities and improve access to services for people with learning disabilities. 

 This pilot project is funded by both Clinical Commissioning Groups in Sefton.

 The programme trains people with learning disabilities in Health and Wellbeing topics to become peer mentors and educators, called Health Champions.

 Our Health Champions are supported to improve their own health.  They use the knowledge and skills to promote healthy living and accessible health information.

 Our team is:

  • Running a series of Health Road Shows to share their learning with other people with learning disabilities, family carers and health professionals across Sefton.
  • Checking the accessibility of health information
  • Producing an Easy Read health information pack.
  • Organising a conference to tell everyone about the results.


People First Merseyside is working together with Sefton CVS and a range of health and wellbeing experts in Sefton to deliver the project.


Paul Walsh, Sefton member "I am really enjoying the Health First Course, I am learning a lot about keeping healthy and healthy food. I go cycling, it keeps me active."