Health First Liverpool

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Our Liverpool group have an exciting new project funded by Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group Healthy Liverpool Fund.

  • We will be Health Champions
  • We will be learning about our own health
  • We will be working with other organisations to
    improve our health.
  • We will be training other people with learning
    disabilities about the key health messages we have learned.
  • We will be trying exciting new health activities
  • We will be user led and the project will develop as our
    advocates wish it to.
  • We will have fun
  • We will speak up for ourselves

We will be meeting on:

  • Mondays
  • Tuesdays
  • Thursdays

On Mondays at 11am we will have Boccia

On Thursdays at 1.30pm we will be having Zumba!

We will be doing lots of work around health.