The Advocacy Story Exhibition

In 2018 the Steering Group for the Heritage Project worked really hard to make an exhibition about the history of People First Merseyside.

In November the exhibition went on display in Liverpool Central Library. Members trained to be Exhibition Guides, and every Thursday and Friday they were on duty in the library to give people tours of the exhibition. Everyone really enjoyed working at the exhibition and sharing the history of self advocacy:

“I absolutely love being an exhibition guide. People come in and get information from me. I’m spreading the message, showing them the archive. I just love it! I love coming in, it’s getting me out! I’m getting more confident in myself and working in a team with the other members. I’ve learnt about the history of learning disabilities.” Natalie

“I’ve learnt how to be a guide, showing people our banners we made, pictures we drew and old photographs. It’s showed me that I’ve learnt all about People First Merseyside. I’ve made new friends. I’ve loved being in the library. I can’t wait for the next part of the project. I love showing people around and I’m not shy.” Sue Wignall

“I thought it was very good at the exhibition, working in a team. Being an exhibition guide is good, you show people around. I learnt how to be a guide and show people around.” Joe Collister

“This is my first time being an exhibition guide. People walk in, I say ‘good morning’ to them and tell them about People First Merseyside. I enjoy it. I like doing it. I want to do it again.” Lesley Curran

“People are coming to ask us questions. I say ‘good afternoon’. This is the first time I have been an exhibition guide. I’m enjoying it.” Nicola Hall

“I enjoyed showing people around. I took them up in the lift to show the photographs to them. I like being a tour guide.” Paul Walsh

“I like showing people the banners, and some were really interested and shocked about the institutions. Some people had children with learning disabilities, so I asked if they wanted to join People First. I learnt how to be a tour guide.” Emma Grange

“It was interesting telling people about us and showing people our hard work. We’ve worked really hard. Also I was telling people to come to People First Merseyside because we are a good organisation. I also liked the banners we made, they were brilliant.” Karen Duffy

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