Patrick’s Thoughts on the Exhibition

By Patrick Burke


It was very good working on the history of People First as part of the HLF funded heritage project. I liked being involved and talking about the history of People First Merseyside, and the 30 years that I have been coming. I was one of the founder members of people First Merseyside.

We made an exhibition about the history of People First Merseyside, which was shown at Liverpool Central Library. I wanted my history on display. I wanted everyone to know there was an advocacy group in Liverpool. The exhibition made me feel really good, really excited and really fantastic. It showed the best parts of the history of people first. I do not want this history to be forgotten and I want other people to learn about it.

I thought it was really good having our art works on display in the library. The ideas that I had, and other people in the group had, all worked really well together.

It was very interesting being an exhibition guide because you got to talk to a lot of people. It was a good chance to try and get more young people involved in People First Merseyside, so we can support them. Getting younger people involved helps to keep the organisation running.

Overall I thought the exhibition was hard because you had to think back in time to when People First Merseyside started. Then I thought to myself, “yes I can do this”.

It has been very interesting working on the exhibition, and I have learnt a lot looking back on the history of People First.

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