Drama Introduction

This article has been written by the Heritage Steering Group.


We went to the Unity Theatre on Friday to do drama. We are doing a play about the history of People First Merseyside.

The first activity we did was ‘Find the Keys Game’ which is like Grandma’s Footsteps but you have to pass the keys to every player when the person at the front is not looking.

In the next game there was a glass in the middle of the circle and you had to pretend the glass turned into something else. We used the glass as a ship in a bottle, a football, a stethoscope, flowers, a car, curling tongs and a packet of biscuits.

After that we sat in a circle and played ‘I Accuse’. Everyone in the circle had a number. When it was your turn you had to stand up and pick a number to accuse, like “I accuse number 6”. Number 6 then had to stand up and accuse someone else. We used expression and changed our speech when we accused people.

We made two short plays, one about Blackpool and one about Chester Zoo. In the Blackpool play we pretended to go on the log flume and splash each other. It was a nice sunny day and our clothes got wet so we had to dry off.

In the play about Chester Zoo Sue, Natalie and Maria pretended to be at the zoo. They got lost and could not find anyone to ask for directions. They decided to get in a boat. Sue rocked the boat and Maria was scared. Natalie told them they were being silly!

Here is what everyone thought of the first workshop:

“I learnt how to express my feelings. I loved the play that we did at the end and playing the imagination games. I did not dislike anything. I wanted it to carry on.” Maria

“I learnt to work as a team and everyone could trust everyone else to work as a team. Everyone seemed to get along quite well as a team” Patrick

“I’ve never done drama before. I’m going to continue with it and keep coming. Some of the games are very good, and I enjoyed making the little play. In the glass game I pretended the glass was a packet of biscuits. I thought doing drama was tricky at first but then I got into it” Paul

“It was tricky for me at the beginning, but then I got better doing the activities. I enjoyed doing the performance at the end. Games like ‘I Accuse’ got me out of my shell and the ‘Bottle Game’ got my imagination going. I like working with the team. I love doing it. It’s getting me out more.” Natalie

“I enjoyed it because it gave me the chance to express my feelings and do theatre work. I learnt how to play different games. I like acting, I think it’s proper cool. We all work as a team together.” Sue

“I enjoyed acting out, doing different expressions and guessing the lie in the game ‘2 truths and 1 lie’. I’ve never really done acting and I did not think I was that good at it until today. Now I want to do more!” Ryan


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