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July 25th 2018

Equipment, Posters and Booklets!

We have had another great day working on our NHS England health projects. We started the morning off working on…

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July 18th 2018

Working hard on our Health Projects

We have had a brilliant day working on our Health Projects: ‘Red Flag Symptoms’ and ‘Look After Your Lungs’. We…

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July 13th 2018

BABS Trainers ready to go!!

The Be Aware Be Safe Trainers had their last practice yesterday. They will be doing their first roadshow at MENCAP…

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July 13th 2018


On Friday 6th July, The Brain Charity held their awards ceremony.  We are delighted to say the 2 of our …

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July 11th 2018

Volunteer Exhibition Assistants Needed

We are looking for Volunteer Exhibition Assistants to support curators and artists with learning disabilities put on a HLF funded…

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July 06th 2018

Operation MOSCA

Today Emma from People First Merseyside was a part of a new campaign by the TravelSafe Partnership to educate motorists on…

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June 29th 2018

Be Aware Be Safe BABS Roadshows-Nearly Ready

The BABS steering group have been working very hard over the last few weeks . We have planned our roadshows…

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June 28th 2018

Look After Your Lungs – Why is this important?

Today we had  the first  session of our ‘Look After  your Lungs’ project. This  project  is funded by  NHS England,…

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June 27th 2018

1st Bluecoat Workshop

Last week the Steering Group for our HLF funded Heritage Project had their first art workshop at the Bluecoat Art…

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June 20th 2018

Red flag Symptoms – What are they?

Today was the first  session of our  new  project . the project  funded by NHS  England will be  looking at  ‘Red…

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