Self Advocacy at Hope.

People First Merseyside were invited to present at Liverpool Hope University’s workshop week on 8th November 2018.  Phil, Paddy and Siobhan delivered 4 workshops about self advocacy throughout the day to 1st year students on the Disability Studies course.

Phil, Paddy and Siobhan told the students about their lives, their experiences and the impact self advocacy has had on them.  Paddy and Phil were able to talk about their past experiences in long term care whilst Siobhan, who is our youngest member talked about more recent life experiences and mental health issues.

The day went really well, in total the team presented to 74 students who told us:

“We have been learning about institutions and the experiences of the people who lived in them but hearing stories from people who actually lived there really brings it to life.”

We were delighted that some students came to speak to us at the end of the sessions about becoming volunteers at People First Merseyside.

Well done to Phil, Paddy and Siobhan for doing a brilliant job!

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