Red Flag Roadshows.

People First Merseyside has been commissioned to raise awareness of Cancer Red Flag symptoms to people with learning disabilities.  We have been doing lots of work to learn about these Red Flag Symptoms and this week we started delivering our Cancer Red Flag Roadshows across Merseyside  .

So far we have done 3 roadshows.  Our Health Champions have been taking it in turns to deliver the roadshows and are doing a fantastic job.  On the roadshows we talk about how important it is to be aware of ANY changes in your body and to go and see the doctor no matter how small the change may be.

We are using interactive games, role plays and discussions to get our messages across.  This is what people have told us:

“This was really interesting, we should be doing more of this type of work.”

“The roadshow was great, I really liked the way you got the messages across to people, they are really interactive ideas that help people to understand the session.”

“It was good, entertaining and informative.”

“You were brilliant, I really enjoyed it, I liked everything.”

We will be going on out throughout November, December and January to deliver more roadshows.

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