People First Merseyside AGM – What a year!!

On Monday 29th  October  we had our Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Mons in Bootle.

As usual there were lots of people there who had  all come to find  out about what People First Merseyside have  been up to over the past year.

What a year  it  has  been we heard from:

The Heritage Lottery  Group

They told us all about getting ready  for our exhibition which is  currently on display  at Liverpool Central Library. The Exhibition will be on display  for the whole of  November and  on Thursdays and Fridays  members of People First will be the to talk you through  the exhibition and share their stories.

Merseyside Live and Learn Group

We heard about all of the activities they have been planning  including  a 6 week Christmas  craft course which will start  on 13th  November. If you want to find out  more get in touch. 


BABS – Be Aware Be Safe

The BABS project  have been working on delivering their training and have  been all across Liverpool and Sefton talking to people about  domestic and institutional abuse. The Feedback from these has been fantastic.

Sefton Group – As usual they continue to make sure they enable people to have their say and this  year has  been no exception. Members have had the chance to speak to medicines management team, Department of Work and Pensions, Citizens Advice Bureau and the Crown Prosecution Service this was the first  time the CPS  had  done anything like this.

Red Flag and Lungs Projects 

these projects have kept us  very  busy  we have been getting ready  to deliver roadshows across  the North West , making a film producing and poster and making  a booklet. member have really  enjoyed starring in the films and being in the photographs. We can’t wait to see the end results.

As Well as hearing about all of the hard work we have been doing there was the important nosiness of electing new Directors on to the board

We were happy to see Joe Collister voted back onto the Board of Directors and we are happy to welcome new Board Members Karen Duffy, Siobhan Storey, Paul Walsh and Sue Wignall.

We also  gave out our annual awards to thank members for all of their hard work.

Our award winners were:

Effort and Achievement Award (Shirley Jones)

Best Host Award (Karen Duffy & Paul Walsh)

Thinking of Others Award (Sue Wignall)

Community Partnership Award (Siobhan Storey)

Skills and Learning Award (Stephen Gunn & Paul Walsh)

Excellence in Leadership Award (Phil Hume & Tracy Wynne

) The Best Newcomer Award (Ryan Huntley & Maria McClintock)

Creativity and Innovation Award (Sarah Ashcroft & Michael Reid)

Commitment and Professionalism Award (Nicola Hall & Emma Grange)

Personal Development Award (Will Mullen)

Congratulations to everyone for their continued hard work!

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