The Bluecoat

The Steering Group for the HLF funded Heritage Group have recently completed 6 weeks of art workshops at the Bluecoat Arts Centre. 4 members of the steering group have written about their experiences. Find out how they got on below:


Emma and Pauline’s Experiences:

The Heritage Lottery Steering Group went to The Bluecoat. We were doing art about our archive for the exhibition at Liverpool Library. The exhibition will be about the history of People First Merseyside. We are doing an exhibition because people do not know the history of People First Merseyside.

At the Bluecoat we had to cut out puppets and we printed portraits of us. We did animation with our art work. The topics of the animation are Offices, Party’s, Conferences, Days Out, and Elections.

Pauline has learnt how to cut out the pictures and printing. Emma has learnt how to print and do animation and do art.
Pauline enjoyed everything like printing and cutting out and doing art. Emma enjoyed everything and she had a laugh.
We had a very good experience with the The Bluecoat learning how to do art.

Now it is over, we are doing more work on our exhibition and putting it together.


Joseph and Siobhan’s Experiences:

What did we do at the Bluecoat? (Joseph) We made puppets and made buildings. I learnt to cut out and make animations for the exhibition. (Siobhan) I thought it was amazing I learnt more about printing, cutting, animation, taking photos and history. The history and working in team helped my adhd and taught me to calm down.

What did you learn at the Bluecoat? (Joseph) I learnt how to make animations, do cutting out, make puppets, make buildings, do printing and work in team with Pauline. I got to know Pauline more. (Siobhan) I learnt cutting, making buildings, printing and working in a team. I got to get knew Ryan and Maria and more.

What did you most enjoy doing the Bluecoat? (Joseph) I enjoyed working with the staff. Their names are Cat, Becky and Becky. I was working with Pauline and we got to know each other more. (Siobhan) I thought it was wonderful working with everyone. I enjoyed printing.

What are we doing next as part of the project?  (Joseph) We are doing an exhibition in Liverpool Central Library. We are making posters so people can see what it was like in the past. We are also doing scanning. We are the boss of the organisation and it is good learning history. (Siobhan) I think it is good to work people different needs. We are making posters and talking about what we want in the exhibition. I think it is good working with people who been through this history and have made it better for me now.



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