Red Flag -Making Progress

We have had a break from our  red flag  project  for a couple of  weeks but  today we were back to it  and it  was  full on.

This  morning we met  with Linda Swann and  Amanda Waites  from Wirral University  Hospital who came to speak to us about  what they see are the most  important signs and  symptoms  of cancer  to tell people about.

As  we have  been working  on identifying  which ones  we think are the important ones it was great to see that we had lots of the same  ones  which meant that we were going in the right direction.

Linda and Mandy  were really  impressed with all of the work we had been doing.

In the afternoon the group started thinking  about the roadshows and how we are going to share the things we have learnt with others across   the  Cheshire and Mersey region.

Working  in groups the team thought about ideas for different parts of our roadshows including icebreakers, practical exercises and drama or  role play. The Groups  came up with some amazing  ideas that are going to make for a fantastic  roadshow.



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