Working hard on our Health Projects

We have had a brilliant day working on our Health Projects: ‘Red Flag Symptoms’ and ‘Look After Your Lungs’.

We started off this morning working on our Red Flag Symptoms Project.  This project is all about the signs and symptoms of cancer and knowing what could be a RED FLAG.  This means a symptom that lets us know we need to speak to the Doctor.  We have spent the past few weeks researching these symptoms.  Today we worked in groups to try and remember as many symptoms as we could.  We also talked about the difference between symptoms and causes.

The groups worked really well together and every group came up with something different.  More importantly though the groups all identified the same or similar symptoms.  We think these are going to be the ones that we will promote in our poster campaign and roadshows.

Next week we are going to start thinking about our posters and what we would like to include in them.

Phil said “It’s good to recap and remember the symptoms, causes and types.”

Will said “Learning about signs and symptoms of cancer is interesting.  I didn’t know anything before, now I know what to look out for.”

Nicola said “I knew about some of these symptoms because it has affected me.  This project is good because it could affect others.”

Maria said “I am happy to be part of this project, it’s interesting and new.  I have had lumps on my breast that have been checked out, they are fine.  It is important other people know because if they ignore symptoms, they could get worse.”

After Lunch, we did some more work on our Look After Your Lungs Project.

We started off by doing some breathing exercises and stretches.  These exercises help us think about the way we breath and also stretch our chests to make sure our lungs have the room the need to work properly.

We then looked at lung conditions including Bronchitis and Pneumonia.  It was really interesting listening to how these conditions affect our lungs.  We have made plans to link up with other organisations to learn more about our lungs.  We are planning to visit The Breatheasy Group in August.

Next week, we will start thinking about the Booklets that we will design.  We will work together to think about the information we want to include and pictures that we want to use..

Joe said “I thought it was very good.  Lungs are very important.  I’ve learnt what my lungs look like and what they do.”

Sue said “It was very interesting showing us what happens to our lungs when we get an infection and the damage it can do.”

Will said “I can understand better about lungs and the diseases you can get.”

Will asked the group how many people knew about heir lungs before.  Everyone said that they didn’t know anything before this project but everyone (15 people) had learnt something new about their lungs in the past few weeks.

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