Equipment, Posters and Booklets!

We have had another great day working on our NHS England health projects.

We started the morning off working on our ‘Red Flag’ symptoms project.  It was very exciting because we had a delivery of some new equipment that we will be using later in the year when we run roadshows to raise awareness of ‘Red Flag’ cancer symptoms.

We got a set of testicles and breasts; both have lumps that people have to find.  We all had a go at finding the lumps, it wasn’t easy !

We got a poster that shows how to examine your breasts.  We all really liked the poster because it has really clear pictures.

We also got a skin cancer disc set that shows changes in our skin that might indicate cancer.  It was interesting to see that it is not just moles that we have to look out for but other changes in our skin as well.

After we had looked at the equipment, we worked in groups to have a go at designing a poster to tell other people about the Red Flag symptoms.  In a few weeks we are going to work with Paul to take all of our favourite ideas from today and make the final poster for our poster campaign.

In the afternoon we moved onto our ‘Look After Your Lungs’ project.  We started by having a look at a new poster that we ordered that explains how our respiratory system works.  It’s really interesting to see all of the different parts of the body that help us to breathe.

We did our stretches and breathing exercises to help our lungs stay healthy.  Maria and Lesley were fantastic because they were able to lead us through the exercises.

We watched some more films about lung conditions: Pleurisy and COPD.  We didn’t realise there were so many conditions that could affect our lungs!

Soon we will start producing a booklet about Lung Health for people with learning disabilities.  To help us think about what we want our booklet to look like, we looked at lots of other health booklets.

Everyone got a booklet and had to explain why they liked it or didn’t like it.  There are so many types of booklet and each had something that we liked.  We chose our favourites and will look at the again next time so that we can think about which ideas we want to use to get our messages about Lung Health across.

It has been a brilliant day, we are having a break from these projects for a couple of weeks now while people are on holiday.  When we come back in the middle of August we will be meeting with Health professionals to tell them what we have learnt and also start thinking about the film we are going to make for our ‘Red Flag’ project.



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