Red flag Symptoms – What are they?

Today was the first  session of our  new  project . the project  funded by NHS  England will be  looking at  ‘Red Flag’ symptoms  of  cancer. These  are  the sign to look out  for as  they might  be  a warning that  you may  have  cancer.

We have  been asked to do this project  because  studies show  that people with learning disabilities are  at  a higher  risk of dying earlier than they should  as a result of undiagnosed cancers.

This project  will help people with learning disabilities to understand their  bodies and to help them to know when there is a change  that they  need to see  a doctor.

We will be meeting weekly  on a Wednesday to look at  all of the different types cancer  and their symptoms to identify  the most  important  and then we will be  putting together  a roadshow. We will be visiting groups across Cheshire  West  and Merseyside to share  what we have  learned.

We will be  meeting with health  professionals  who will help us and  looking   at some cancer  booklets.

Keep a look out  on our  website  for more information.


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