Our Visit to Clitheroe Castle

By Tracy and Emma


We went to see the Calderstones Exhibition in Clitheroe Castle as part of our HLF funded heritage project.

Calderstones was an institution where people with Learning disabilities used to live.

We went to see where people with Learning Disabilities used to live and the conditions they used to live in.

We also went to see this exhibition to get some ideas for when we do our own exhibition. Our exhibition is part of The Heritage Lottery Project and it is about the history of People First Merseyside.

At Clitheroe Castle we saw posters with loads of information and photos of Calderstones and Brockhall and we saw what clothes they used to wear.

We learnt about how people with Learning disabilities used to live in the past.

Emma Said: “I enjoyed it because I know that Calderstones and Brockhall did exist because I didn’t know about them before I went to the exhibition.”

Tracy said: “I really enjoyed going to the exhibition because I know they existed and I learnt a lot about what conditions they used to live in. I know Calderstones existed but I didn’t know about Brockhall and I never knew how they lived until I went to see the exhibition.”

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