Look After Your Lungs – Why is this important?

Today we had  the first  session of our ‘Look After  your Lungs’ project.

This  project  is funded by  NHS England, they would like  us to raise  awareness of the importance  of  looking after  your  lungs  as respiratory (breathing) conditions are  one  of the biggest  causes of early death for people with learning disabilities. As part of the  project  we will be looking  at; how  the lungs  work, what they do for us, knowing  when something is  wrong, how  we can look after  them.

Today we researched  how  the lung  work and what they  do for us and   we also looked at  some  breathing exercises  to help us  breathe  better.

At  the end of the project  we will be  producing a booklet  that  will help people with learning disabilities to improve  the health  of their lungs.



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