Historical Research

By Siobhan and Karen


The Heritage Lottery funded project is about learning the history of People First Merseyside and what happened to people with learning disabilities before and now.

The steering group has been talking about the history, before members come to People First Merseyside, and hearing the stories of People First Merseyside. We have been looking at photos of history and dates. We have also been doing oral history interviews with members, ex staff and staff.

We have done lots of research on the computer, looking in books for photos, going to the library, and talking to people about their life in the past. We also went to an exhibition at Clitheroe Castle Museum to find out more information.

We have found out about people lives by doing research. We found out that there used to be a Women’s Group and Men’s Group by looking at photos and old information. Some people, including people not living with us today, were locked up in long stay hospitals in the past and had to fight back freedom for us. This means people with learning disabilities have a better life today.

We went to Clitheroe Castle Museum to find out what people went through when they lived in long stay hospitals like Calderstones. Some of our members lived in Calderstones, including some who are not alive today. Looking at what life was like for them helped us to realise what changes have been made.

In November we will have People First Merseyside’s 30th birthday party, and old and new members will come. There will be an exhibition to show the public what has happened to people with learning disabilities and help them to understand about our lives.



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