Exhibition Design Teamwork

The Steering Group for the HLF funded Heritage Project have been working together as a team writing the exhibition over the last few weeks.

They have also been choosing pictures and thinking about the layout for the banners.

The exhibition will tell the story of People First Merseyside, and will be at Liverpool Central Library in November.

Everyone has enjoyed working on the exhibition:

“I thought it was really good. Designing the banners was good. I enjoyed choosing the pictures for the banner. It’s exciting because I’ve never made an exhibition before.” – Joe

“I think its turned out brilliant. The pictures are brilliant on it as well for showing people what happened. It’s exciting making the banner.” – Karen

“I think it was interesting making the banners. Everyone was talking, getting their points across and their ideas for designing it.” – Pauline

It was good that everyone got an equal voice when we were designing the banners. No on got overpowered. We were listening to each other and making decisions. No one was getting agitated. We worked well together. I improved my teamwork skills. Its easy to work in a team when you feel comfortable with the other people.” – Siobhan

“I enjoyed planning the exhibition today and having ideas about the banners. I learned more about dividing the exhibition into sections. I came up with the idea to include hidden histories.” – Emma


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