Ballroom Dancing

Last year one of our members, Michael, decided he wanted to learn how to do ballroom dancing.

The other members decided they wanted to learn as well, so we booked some lessons through Active Sefton as part of our Live and Learn project.

The lessons have been great. We have learned the Cha-Cha and the Waltz.

Everyone has been really enjoying themselves:

“Its good because it will help me be fit and strong. I am good at my own dancing. I’ve been dancing since I was 16 even though I’ve stopped as I got older, so I love it. Its brilliant.” – Sarah

“Its just the second time I’ve been here. I like it. It gets you out of the house.” – Nicola

“I enjoy ballroom dancing. Sometimes I go away and practice. It keeps me active and healthy.” – Michael

“I’m really getting into ballroom dancing. I’m really getting in the groove of it. Long may it continue. I’m dancing with a good support – Terry and its the first time in over 30 years that I’ve done ballroom dancing. I’m a bit rusty but I’m getting into the routine.” – Phil

“I’m enjoying it because of the dancing music. I’ve not done ballroom dancing before.” – Lesley

“I haven’t danced before in my life – ’til now. It’s good.” – Stephen


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