1st Bluecoat Workshop

Last week the Steering Group for our HLF funded Heritage Project had their first art workshop at the Bluecoat Art Centre. They are going to be making art that is inspired by the research they have done. The artworks will be part of the exhibition they are making about the history of People First Merseyside.

Steering Group members Karen and Paul have written about how they found last weeks workshop:


Karen Duffy

We are at the Bluecoat for 6 weeks.

We are going to the Bluecoat because we are learning to do artwork to go in our exhibition in the library.

We are doing a film and other things. I am enjoying it.

Last week we did a time line. We did pictures and writing about it and dates. It was good.

I enjoyed doing the pictures and dates and writing in the bubbles about the pictures.

I have learnt about all the dates and different offices People First have moved to.

I am looking forward to doing printing and painting.

I am enjoying doing exciting things at the Bluecoat.


Paul Walsh

We are at the Bluecoat. We are doing an animation film for 6 weeks.

Last week we did a time line. We did the dates and sticking the pictures on the paper. We had to write in the speech bubbles. I liked doing a picture of a barge.

I am enjoying the project, working hard as a team and working together as a group.


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