Getting Crafty with Mobile Craft4U

In a departure from our busy  schedule of meetings and serious work members of People First Merseyside have been working with Mobile Craft4U to  do some  different craft  activities. we are  3 weeks into our 6  weeks of sessions and so far  we have had   the chance to do some amazing things.

 Week 1

We did  paper folding and everyone got the chance  to make a note pad that  they could keep for themselves or give away as gifts. At first  people thought they couldn’t do it but  after listening carefully to the instructions and being shown by  Kate and Sulay  everyone managed to complete at  least  one note pad.

Week 2

Our second session we made cards  using doodle art  at  first  sight  this looked quite complicated  and something people would struggle to do but again thanks to Kate and Sulay  who showed us what to do our finished products were very  beautiful and people were really impressed with the finished cards

Week 3

In week 3  we got to have  a go at silk painting. This is the first week we had used paint and that  made some of us very  nervous as it  looked like very  delicate work.  with a little bit of concentration and a steady  hand again everyone managed to produce some amazing work.

We are  excited about what the next  weeks sessions are  going to be.

We  asked people what they thought of the craft  sessions and this I what they said.

“Art  for me is not my thing but giving it a go and getting the hang of it I am beginning to enjoy it.”

“I love craft  it’s very  relaxing a therapeutic. sometimes we don’t realise  what skills we have.”

“It’s cool and exciting because  we don’t know what we are  going to get the chance to do until we get here.”

“It  is quite awesome some of the things I thought I couldn’t do and I realised I  could, I am experiencing new things.”

“It’s a good experience as I am developing my skills, it helps me to be calm and relax and learn patience which I can use in my day to day life.”







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