A Fantastic Presentation!

Last weekend Patrick, Siobhan and Emma went to the Brain Charity to deliver a presentation. The presentation was about the history of the self advocacy movement and People First Merseyside.

Patrick, Siobhan and Emma are all on the Steering Group for our HLF funded Heritage Project. This means that the topics of the presentation were things they have spent a long time researching and are very knowledgeable about. They all also told their personal stories about how self advocacy has changed their lives

The Presentation was a huge success and audience members have got in touch to say just how powerful it was to hear about the impact of self advocacy from people with lived experience of it:

“I just wanted to say thank you for coming to The Brain Charity do a talk on Saturday. I have been to countless presentations and can honestly say that it was one of the best ones I have ever been to. It was so well presented, by all three of the presenters, ┬áso informative and really got people thinking. Personally, I had no idea that such horrible things had gone on and so recently too.”

“I wanted to get in touch to say just how moved I was by presentation the team gave on Saturday. There are so many of us in the building still talking about it! Thanks again to the team. We thought they were fabulous!”

“I was very impressed and thought the delivery professional. The whole talk was very inspiring although emotional too in places. In particular was inspired and moved by the personal stories of Patrick, Emma and Siobhan. Good to hear that all of you have turned your lives around and are helping others with Learning Difficulties to do so too. Thought you all were a good bunch of people. Keep up the good work, and keep having fun too. Thank you for coming to The Brain Charity and giving your presentation.”

Giving the presentation also had an impact on Patrick, Siobhan and Emma themselves:

“I enjoyed the presentation and I was really proud of Patrick, Siobhan and myself for telling our stories” – Emma

“I learnt how to speak out about issues that I hardly ever speak up about. I learnt how to speak calmly about it without getting annoyed or angry. I thought it was excellent to hear people’s stories, especially Patrick’s.” – Siobhan




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