Organising the Archive

At People First we have been organising our archive.

The Researchers who have been working on the HLF funded Heritage Project have been looking through the folders in the archive and working out what they contain. Then they have been writing labels for the front of the folder so we know whats in them. This will help us to find photos and documents faster in the future.

The group have learnt lots of new skills by doing this:

“If there’s a Liverpool top or an Everton top it can help you tell the year the photo was taken.” – Will

“I liked writing about the photos of People First. I have a go at spelling words without looking. I also learnt how to use the sellotape dispenser.” – Paul

“I’ve been looking back at past pictures and finding out whats happening and working out year and date.”- Phill

“I’ve been improving my group work. We were split into groups. We looked at the pictures of People First Sefton, all the old photos of the offices and conferences.”- Nicola

“I learnt a lot: old faces and what we were doing, memories.”- Michael

“I’ve learnt to look at photos, and learnt to evaluate them and find out more information by looking at every detail. It helps me find out information and sort out photos quicker by working out the date and working out where it is.”- Siobhan

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