Be Aware Be Safe- learning about domestic abuse

The BABS steering group have been looking at Domestic Abuse. We learned that Domestic Abuse is wrong and it can be physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial abuse and emotional abuse.

Domestic abuse can happen in a relationship or sometimes with family members. We also learned that there are support groups that can help and that the if you think it’s happening to you  should not put up with it and tell someone you trust.

The steering group watched some videos that were made by people with learning disabilities. They told us their stories and how they got help from the Police and local Women’s Aid groups.

Phil said,” This is wrong and you should tell someone if it happens to you”

Paul said” I really enjoyed the session and learned a lot about Domestic Abuse, it was really interesting and I think more people should know about it”

If you want the BABS trainers to come and talk to you group about abuse please call Karen on 0151 329 2137.

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