Members Interviews

Tracy and Geraldine have been members of the Steering Group for our HLF funded heritage project. They have been trained in how to do an oral history interview and have been putting those skills into practice by interviewing each other:



By Tracy and Geraldine


When we were the interviewers we felt a bit nervous at first but when we got in to it, it was really good asking questions and getting information out of people.


When Tracy was getting interviewed she really had to think about the answers.


When Geraldine was getting interviewed she went more in to depth and didn’t have to think about the answers.


We thought that having Holly supporting the interview was really good. She helped us to come up with some really good questions and helped us to go in to depth with the answers. It gave us more confidence.


We did feel confident using the equipment as we have practiced using it before and we were on it straight away.


We feel more confident about doing more interviews in the future, and we know to tell people they don’t have to answer the questions if they are too upsetting to talk about, we just ask them the questions and say: “you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.”


We feel proud that we did the interviews well as it is something that we have never done before.


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