Joe’s Heritage Work

By Joseph Collister


The Advocacy Story project is funded by the Heritage Lottery. The project is about oral history. Oral history is interviewing people about their past.

The project is run by people with learning disabilities. I am on the Steering Group, its good, I meet all different people. Holly put the advert out at the Mons pub and all different people signed up to the group. We have been interviewing different people about the history of People First.

I did an interview this afternoon which was really good. Paddy Burke interviewed me. There was a video camera and an audio recorder.

You can use the recorders to record different people. I have learnt how to use the recorder.

Last Friday we were doing research. We looked at all the different People First offices on the computer. Siobhan and Patrick found them on the computer. Then we put them on the map with post it notes. This told us how People First has grown.

On another day we had a timeline to look at. There were all different photographs. I thought it was good.

I have been on the computers looking at different photographs of People First. There was myself and Karen working together on the computer. I have got better at using computers – putting them on and shutting them off, how to find the pictures and scroll down.

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