Recording Memories

The Sefton Research Group have been finding out about the history of People First Merseyside.

Recently they have been learning about oral history. This is when you  interview a person about their life story and make an audio recording of what they say. This can help you to find out about the past.

The Research Group members have learnt how to use the audio records and conduct an interview. Then they had a go at working as a group to interview Michael, who has been a member of People First Merseyside for a long time. He had a lot of interesting memories to share.

Everyone enjoyed the session and lots of people learnt something new:

“I learnt how to use the recorders” – Antonia

“I learnt how many members there was in Sefton 20 years ago. It’s probably doubled since then.” – Will

“That’s the first time I’ve done the recording. I was nervous, but I got used to it.” – Nicola

“Interviewing a member was really good. It went well I thought.” – Paul

“It’s interesting, I enjoyed the interview.” – Michael

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to turn on and turn off the recorder as well as being able to know what buttons to press.” – Phil

“Seeing as I’m a new member I found it interesting to find out about the past” – Mary



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