Memory Session

As part of  our HLF funded project, and the 30th Anniversary celebrations at People First we held a Memory Session today.

The theme of the memory session was Being Active and Healthy at People First.

We looked at old photos from our archive that showed our members being active and healthy. People shared their memories and listened to each others stories.

Everyone enjoyed reminiscing about the past or learning more about what People First has done:

“I didn’t know People First went to Chester Marathon. I wish I was there as well.” – Richard

“I remember that I did part of active me, healthy me.” – Sue

“I liked looking at all different pictures. It was interesting finding out if we knew the members.” – Paul

“I recognised some people in the photos from Southport College. That was interesting.” – Sarah

“It was quite good. It does make you realise the things you forget and the good time you had doing them” – Shirley


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