Be Aware Be Safe ( BABS ) session 3 and 4

The BABS steering group have had 2 more meetings . The group learned all about physical abuse and emotional abuse.

We watched some films that people with learning disabilities had made. They told stories about the abuse that had happened to them. We then discussed what had happened and what you can do to protect yourself. The steering group had lots of ideas about the different feelings that can happen in emotional abuse.

Phil said,” no-one deserves to be hurt and if that happens you should tell someone you trust”

Sarah said,” emotional abuse is when someone makes someone feel sad or frightened and it is wrong”

Nicola said, ” this can also happen if people call you names because of your disability. It can happen on the bus and you should tell the driver if it does”

At the end of the sessions people did evaluations and everyone said they knew more about these subjects now

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