The Sefton Research Group – Part 3

The Research Group continued using the People First Archive photos to answer their research questions.


The researchers were trained in how to use the photocopier. They could then photocopy relevant pictures to make posters that answered their research questions.


Holly asked everyone what they had learnt about the history of People First Merseyside and if they had learnt any new skills. This is what people said:


“Learn the photocopier today. That’s the first time done it. Then I learned people how to do it like Sarah and David.” Lesley


“Blackpool, Christmas parties, and going on a boat.” Simon


“I enjoyed looking at the pictures. I found out People First used to go to conferences and meetings.” Michael. R


“I’ve been getting back into using the photocopier. We’ve been watching and taking note step by step, then photocopying by ourselves without needing support.” Phil. H


“I learnt that some of the old members are still around, which I can’t believe, and some of them aren’t. One of the staff I noticed in the photos was Helen. I found out Lesley is not the only old travel trainer. That’s new to me.” Sarah


“I enjoyed sticking the pictures down and looking at the pictures of conferences. I enjoyed using the photocopier, we should do it more often.” Paul. W


“The ladies group – some of them are the old people there. Conferences and telephone training.” David. M




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