The Sefton Research Group – Part 2

The Sefton Research Group have started using People First Merseyside’s archive photos to answer their research questions. This is part of our Heritage Lottery funded project.


To start with they made rules to make sure the old photos would not get damaged. The rules included washing your hands before touching the photos and only holding the photos by the edges.


After making the rules the researchers could get stuck in and start exploring the archive photos. Everyone found out some interesting facts about what People First Merseyside was like in the past:


“I’m learning about this history, like travel training” Sarah


“The meetings we attend now and the meetings 20 years ago were completely different” Phil


“Things change over the years” Elaine


“They’re still the same places we go to. They still do the conferences. We looked at photos from 1996. We learnt to respect photos and wash our hands.” Will


“I enjoyed looking at all different photos and seeing different people. I wish I could have met them; I would have loved to find out about them.” Paul


“It was good looking at all different people” Lyn



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