Research Using Historical Documents

The Sefton Research Group have moved on to doing research about self-advocacy by using historical documents. This is part of their work for our Heritage Lottery funded project.

The group looked at the Annual Reports from about 20 years ago to find out the answers to their research questions. In particular, they looked at the projects People First Merseyside was doing, the conferences they went to and whether there were younger members.

The group have been doing this research for 2 weeks. This is what they have learnt and enjoyed:

Week 1

“They weren’t looking for younger members at that time or weren’t trying very good” Jason

“When they were celebrating they went to Llandudno. Since then we don’t celebrate at Llandudno” Nicola

“There was a conference in Manchester” Lesley

“It was interesting there was a women’s group” Oona

“People had just started to be able to do things themselves without needing support” Phil

“Documents have more information than pictures. That’s a good thing” Phil

Week 2

“I didn’t know the group met at Goddard Hall.” Nicola

“Only 5 people went to the Southport Group and had monthly meetings.” Will

“I enjoyed looking at the photographs of the members. I remember some of them. I enjoy going back in time.” Michael R.

“I don’t normally like talking about the past but enjoyed looking at the past of People First – who they were and how it was run.” Phil

“I enjoyed it all really, looking at the conferences and things.” Elaine

“Fantastic. Done it today, fantastic – remembering what the documents said and writing it.” Lesley

“I enjoyed asking Michael questions and reading in front of everyone.” Sarah

“I enjoyed reading because it’s nice to hear about how People First Started.” David




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