Youth Hostel Trip

Earlier this month we went on a trip to the Youth Hostel in Castleton. On the Monday when we arrived at the Youth Hostel we did our first activities; team building, feeding the animals and building egg rockets. On the Tuesday some of the members went to the village and in the afternoon we did bushcraft, archery, launching the egg rockets and candle making. The Wednesday was our last day and we visited the village before heading home in the minibus.

It was a brilliant experience and something that we had never done before. Everyone was able to try brand new activities and we were all able to challenge ourselves to do something new.  For some of the group it was the first time they had been away with their friends and everyone said it was like going on a holiday.  Everyone who went had something to say about the trip.

This what the Members said about the Youth Hostel trip:

“It was good, getting fresh air. I am a Health Champion, it was good to get out and about. I missed home but my Mum is happy that I enjoyed myself. I tried new things like making a fire and cooking bread on the fire. The candle making was new too, I made a candle for my Mum.”

“I thought it was really good and relaxing with my friends. I enjoyed the walks and the independence. The hostel was really good and good ideas have come out of it, for example candle making – we could do that in Liverpool. The egg rockets were mad, we lost but we were proud because I’ve never made a rocket before. It was good that we did our own thing and staff were in the background to support us. It was good that we all mixed from different groups and I know it will work. It was tiring. We had good fun in our little dormitory.”

“I enjoyed the bushcraft and archery, I enjoyed learning new skills like starting a fire. It was good and bad, it would be better if it was longer because there was so much to cram into two days and there was so much more to do. I enjoyed working as part of a team on the egg rocket, we came second and I came up with ideas. I had been looking forward to it and it met with expectations but would want longer, I would come again if it was for longer. I enjoyed candle making, it was something new and I enjoyed the process of seeing the candle build up.”

“It is a nice place. I’d never been before, it was strange. I did all the activities – making fire, making bread, archery. The people who taught us are lovely and helpful. It has been a lovely holiday with all my friends. We went out to the pub on the last night. I am very happy – I want to come back again to try more activities, it was fantastic. I loved seeing all the animals and feeling them. I liked Paul teaching me how to remember a song in a different way.”

“I liked the activities – on Monday the teambuilding activities because we had a laugh and had fun doing it. I like the food here. I haven’t done archery for real before, it was fantastic. I would come here again. I would not have done this on my own. I got to know everyone better.”

“I’ve enjoyed all of the activities, the archery and the bushcraft. I would love to come back again and try the fencing.”

“This is my second time away with People First Merseyside. I liked doing the archery and the team building, it has made me feel stronger. I was nervous before we went because we had to share rooms, but it was okay although the beds weren’t very comfortable. The food was lovely. My favourite thing was the team building. I enjoyed cooking bread in the fire, I have never done anything like that before. I feel much stronger, I could come here with my Mum, Dad and Sister – I am going to tell them all about it. It has been good staying with my friends, I haven’t done that before. I feel more confident to try new things in the future.”

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it, the location, the area and participating in the activities. Nothing to complain about, I hope there is an opportunity to do it again. It went smoothly, it works being away together – we are a team.”

“At the beginning because of my disabilities I put myself off going because of the challenges I would have to meet. When I came it put me off because the ground was muddy and soft but I’m made up I did the whole two days and I feel a lot better and a lot fitter because of the challenges. I loved mixing with everyone else. It was a hard slog but I’m made up I did it. I thought about quitting the activities but because I was enjoying it I got to the finishing post and I liked the archery. I’d like to do it again. I feel a lot fitter in myself. I know I can go out in the cold now.”

“I was a bit nervous about being away from home but I was glad I came. I enjoyed all of the different activities and new things. I enjoyed archery, I didn’t think I’d ever do archery or be good at it but I was and enjoyed it. I got on well working as a team building the egg rocket – we came second and that felt good. It was good staying with other people, I’ve never stayed with others before. It was fun and different and I’d be open to doing more new things now.”

“I really like the place. This is the first time I’ve been away without my Mum. I enjoyed archery and bushcraft. I have met new friends. I was excited to get here. I didn’t know what to expect. It was a surprise to share a room but it was better than I thought. I would really like to do it again.”

“I thought it was absolutely brilliant. I really like the team building games. It has been fun and I’ve met a load of new people. I learned how to play dominoes. I have felt very relaxed. The bushcraft and the archery were my favourite. I feel very happy.”

“I enjoyed the experience. I enjoyed doing the activities and going on an adventure. I learnt how to deal with different experiences and how to deal with different personalities. My favourite activity was the team building exercise with the logs and the bushcraft. It was good to do things as part of a team and I’ve got to know people more.”

“It has been a different experience. I have enjoyed it except for the bed! I really liked hanging out with my mates, having a laugh and playing cards. It has made me feel like I want to come back on my own with my friend Paul to do a cycling holiday. Coming away has made me feel more confident to do something on my own. I could live here.”

“I thought it was very good. I enjoyed all the activities. I enjoyed doing the archery and lighting the fire the best. It has been very good going away with my friends, we all got on well. It has been a while since I’ve done archery, I enjoyed that the most, I thought it was relaxing. I was excited before I came, I have been looking forward to it. I’ve been made up with the place. I’ve been quite happy. Lighting a fire was a new skill. I learnt a little bit about that, using the lighter and the vaseline. I’d like to come again as a group. I’d really like to come again.”

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