Making Art at Tate Liverpool

On Friday the Advocacy Story Steering Group went to the Tate Liverpool for an art workshop. The workshop was organised by Project Art Works as part of their Explorers Project.

There were lots of different art materials and the group could use them to make whatever they wanted. Everyone really enjoyed having the opportunity to be creative. Below are some of the members comments:

“It was great fun doing the art. I’d love to go again. I did drawing trees and a did a big poster saying ‘rule number 1 have fun’ because that’s what it’s all about.” – Geraldine

“I thought it was amazing. It was peaceful and you got to do a new thing.” – Siobhan

“I thought it was brilliant. I really enjoyed doing the paintings, the black one and the white one. The patterns were brilliant. I really enjoyed it.” – Karen

“I really enjoyed it. I thought it was good, the paintings that we did. I painted some trees, the sunshine and a dog I named Cindy. I used sellotape as the tree trunks.” – Paul W

“This was good. I’ve not done art since I was in school.” – Tracy

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