The results are in- Sefton Group Elections

The Sefton Group of People First Merseyside held their elections to vote for a new chairperson, deputy  chairperson, secretary  and host.

There was a lot of competition for each  of the roles, the group decided that  there would be ballot papers for each  of the jobs and members would put a cross on the ballot paper for the person they  would like to do the job.

Paul announced the winners for us.

Emma and Michael Edwards  stood for the job of Secretary – they  will be responsible for typing up minutes,  mailing out information, supporting people to do case studies.

THE WINNER IS  – Emma Grange

The job of host  was a popular  choice with 5  members standing for the job they  were, Paul Walsh, Nicola Hall, Lesley Curran, Lynne Jarvis, Sarah Ashcroft. It  will be their job to make sure that the office is tidy and ready  for when we are having meetings as well as making people who come to the office feel welcome.

THE WINNER IS – Paul Walsh

The  most competition was for the job of chairperson we had 7  members wanting to stand for this job they were Phil Hume, Simon Walker, Lesley Curran, Emma Grange, Stephen Gunn, David Morley and Michael Reid. there job will be to chair meetings, represent the group at other meetings and make sure all of the group work as a team.


Deputy chairperson will be Michael Reid.

Everyone worked really  hard on their speeches, and voting for the people who they wanted to the jobs.

Phil said ” I am bowled over that  people voted for me to be the chair person I can’t  believe I got the job.”


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