Picnic in the park

On Tuesday 15th August we had our annual picnic in the park.  This year we went back to Stanley Park.  It was a lovely day when we pitched up outside the Isla Gladstone with our picnic rugs and camping chairs.

Members from our Liverpool and Sefton groups came along as well as some of our old friends from Oakfield Day Service.

Sherrell from Bully Busters came along to meet everyone and we have a discussion about bullying, what it is and what we can do about it.

We all tucked into our lunch before a game of Zip, Zap, Boing led by Holly.  We had to try and send a zip (clap) around the circle before someone Boinged it back the other way or Zapped it across the circle.  It was a bit confusing but lots of fun and we all had a laugh.

Patrick said “It’s good to do this every year, mixing up with other people.”

Emma said “It’s really good, I liked it, socialising and meeting other people.”

Jason said “I’ve enjoyed meeting up with all my friends.”

Paul said “It’s been very good, I want to do more outdoor things.  I’ve been joining in with the game, it’s very good.  It was good meeting Bullybusters, I would like them to come to our office.”

Nicola said “This is my first time in Stanley Park, its great seeing all the other members.”

Oona said “I love it, seeing people and playing games.  It was really funny.”

Geraldine said “It was very nice to be with my friends, I feel happy.”

Karen said “I’ve enjoyed myself, a lovely day out – it’s boss, I love going out and meeting people – It’s brilliant, I love being out in the open.”

“Tracy said “It’s been really good getting out with my friends and mixing with other groups.  It’s fantastic coming out and doing something different, I love it.”

Siobhan said “It was good meeting different people, we got advice from Bullybusters and it was good to be out in the community.  I am new to People First, everyone seems really welcoming.”


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