Out and About with the Road Ahead group


This week, the Road Ahead had a Safety theme.   13 of us visited the mounted police section at the police training academy in Mather Avenue.  Gill Edwards kindly let the group see the horses getting ready for the evening’s football match and they got to pet the horses.  Sophie was really happy as she is a horse lover and she now wants to work as a volunteer with police horses.

Back in Waterloo, we met up with Liam Kelly ‘The Brickmaster.’  Liam demonstrated his lego constructions and showed the group some of the movies he has made.  Liam set up a road safety theme, which a lot of the group found helpful.   Kim said that getting out and about like this has been good for her  and stated she is ”getting there” as far as her confidence goes.  She and Paul are now looking forward to doing their own lego work.

It was a great day !




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