Oral History Interview Practice

Today the HLF funded Advocacy Story Steering Group were practising doing oral history interviews.

We did some activities to remind us of the questions to ask and how to use the recorders. Then everyone worked in pairs and recorded a practice interview. The interviews were about the history of People First and learning disabilities in Merseyside.

Everyone did a really great job of encouraging other people to share their memories.

People enjoyed learning new things about the history of Poeple First.

Karen said “I found it really interesting about the interviews, getting to know everything about People First”

Siobhan said “I found it easier being the interviewer than the interviewee. I like knowing people’s history, I watch documentaries”

Tracy said “I thought it was really good asking the questions and answering them. I’ve only been hear 3 years so I don’t know as much as Paddy, but I know quite a bit now.”

Geraldine said “I thought it was quite interesting finding out about the history”

Joe said “I thought it was good, asking the questions.”

Patrick said “I found it really good because it’s taking my mind back in history to learn about all that.”

Siobhan took some photos of the interviews:

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