Health First Sefton- Health Walk Southport

Today Sefton Health Champions went on a day out to Southport and  did a Health Walk. It was raining when we left Bootle and we all got the train together . We were a bit worried about getting wet, but carried on anyway! We decided to visit the Atkinson Art Gallery on the way to our walk. It was the first visit for most of us and we enjoyed looking at some paintings and history of Southport. Sarah said, ” I loved the princess painting and spent ages looking at it. It made me feel relaxed and happy”

When we cam out the sun was shining and we all stood by the Princess Diana Memorial and took photographs. We carried on our walk and went to the gardens by the promenade and listened to some live music. Some if us even went dancing. Lesley said, “I love dancing and the Elvis music is fantastic”.

We then  had our lunch and then went for a walk along the pier. We found the plaque that  says, ” People First Bootle and Southport” This was put up with many other plaques, when the pier was built  a long time ago and is a good memory of the days when there was a People First Merseyside office in Southport.

At the end of our walk we all got the train back together to Bootle. Paul Ching said” It was great to have social interaction with each other on a bright and sunny day. I would like to do more activities”.

Phil said, ” I really enjoy being out in the fresh air and makes me feel more health and alive”.



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