Tracy’s first Regional Meeting

Yesterday I went to the Staying Healthy meeting in Manchester with Helen and Patrick . I met them inside Lime Street Station at 8.30am to get the 8.52am train to Manchester Oxford Road.

I felt honoured and very proud that I had been chosen to go to the meeting I was really excited about being there. This was my first meeting and I thought it went very well, everyone made me feel very welcome, I met a lot of people there and made a new friend on face book.

I feel as it has made a big difference to me life because it has given me opportunities and the confidence to do things I never thought I would be able to do and that makes me feel proud.

I also did a presentation about The Health First projects at People First Merseyside, Health and Wellbeing and about the fact that I lost over 6 stone in the past year.  I did this by cutting down on what I eat and by pushing my mum around in a wheelchair, it has helped me a lot and even though I have to use a 4 wheel walker to get around on my own I find I can walk a bit better.

I have been invited to go to the Health Summit in Manchester on 3rd August.

All in all it was a good meeting and I enjoyed it. Now I am looking forward to the next meeting.

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