Sefton Health Champions met our new volunteer and planned new activities

Sefton Health Champions met our new volunteer today. Her name is Sue and she is a nurse. Everyone welcomed Sue and told her what the Health Champions do and all about People First Merseyside. Phil said, ” welcome to our organisation and thankyou for volunteering”.

Stephen said, “Sue can help me write My Story”. Sue said , ” I am really pleased to be here and look forward to working with you”.

The champions talked about the new See Ability Project and the training day on 7th September. After this if you want the health champions to come and talk to your group in Sefton about eye health and eye tests then please call Karen on 0151 329 2137.

We also planned a new game today using the food models. We had lots of fun choosing the food and it all looked good enough to eat!

We planned 3 meals and some snacks and it all came to 2300 calories. This was a lot more than we thought and we should aim for 2000 calories per day. Cheryl said, “I didn’t think it would be that much” and Nicola said,” It’ s the fat and ice cream that have added on the calories”

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