Road Ahead course is going strong !

The Road Ahead moved along this week and we introduced a  Bullying session, which  is new to the course.    As it was a nice day, we played the web game outside and everyone got to answer questions about what they learned about bullying.  The web was a message that we are all connected and it is wrong to leave people out, which is ‘Social Bullying.’

We had a visit from  Sherrell, Natalie and Michaela from Bullybusters.  The talk they gave was very interesting and everyone got involved with the discussion.   The Bullybusters team spoke to the group about how friends and other people you know can take advantage of you and that you need to protect yourself.      Sarah shared a painting of herself that she did when she was at school and having a bad time.

We hope to be working with Bullybusters again very soon when we run our next course.


At the end of the Bullying session, Jason said ”I liked it because I learned a lot.”     Oona’s comment was, ” I liked learning about bullying and the presentation.  I liked the bit with holding the string.”



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