Having a BASH – Comic Art

Our very  own Paul Dawson has been teaching members  how to draw Comic Art for the past 2 weeks .  In the first session members created their own comic characters; Alfie from Alpha Scouse and Hercule.  Both were alien type creatures and were the product of a group effort with suggestions for different body parts coming from the group.  This was lots of fun and everybody was excited to see the characters develop.

In the latest session we started by drawing another group character and then everybody had the chance to work on developing their own character.  We had some weird and wonderful creations.  We learnt how to construct a character by starting off with a very basic skeleton that we were able to add layers to until we had the finished character.

Phil said “I thoroughly enjoyed today, taking note from Paul and then having a go myself.  I thought I wouldn’t be interested but I have really enjoyed it.”

Geraldine said “I’m enjoying doing the comic art, it’s very good.  We are coming up with different characters to draw.”

Oona said “I like doing the drawing, it is good seeing how the pictures turn out.”

Irene said “I felt nervous at first but I felt better and more confident as I went on.  It was strange seeing new people but the drawing was good.”

Nicola said ” This is my second session, I would love my sister to join in and draw with me.  We are learning how to draw characters, I am proud of myself.”

Sarah said “I think Paul is brilliant, he is confident doing the drawing.  The way he speaks helps me to learn.  I have enjoyed the session. I would give it 5 stars!”

The final comic art session is on Monday 17th July, 1pm – 3pm in our Liverpool office in the MPAC building.

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