Having a BASH at Aquafit

Our Liverpool Health Champions have been going to Aquafit sessions as part of our BASH project.  Today was our third visit to Stockbridge Village Neighbourhood Centre.  At Aquafit we get into the pool and we do warm ups and stretches.  Then we go onto do our leg exercises in the pool for about 20 minutes.  It is hard work, but good fun and a lot easier to do in the water.  After the leg exercises we use the dumbbell floats to do the arm exercises for about 20 minutes.  Finally we finish off at the edge of the pool doing exercises for our stomach.

Geraldine said “It is hard work but good fun.  I love it, it is good to get out, it is good exercise and I can go and do it with my mates.”

Tracy Said “I think it is really good doing the exercises in the pool, it helps to loosen up my joints.  It is really good fun being able to do it with my friends.  I would never have gone on my own so it was great to get the opportunity to go with People First.  After our 6 weeks of sessions I will be more confident to go on my own.”

Anna Said “It has improved my Asthma and helped me to relax a lot more.  I like the music, it is motivating.  I also like using the weights because they help you with the resistance in the water.”

Alex said ” I love being in the water because it relaxes me.”

After todays session we took advantage of the good weather and sat outside on the grass near to the leisure centre to have a picnic lunch.

We have a couple more sessions to go so if anyone is interested please get in touch with Shirley Peacock on 0151 707 6751 (Monday to Wednesday)  to find out how to get involved.

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