Blackpool BASH

We have been working really hard all year at People First Merseyside so on Wednesday 18th July we decided to go for a day out to Blackpool to celebrate all of our achievements and to let off a bit of steam.  We picked a great day for it as the sun was shining and 45 people all came along for a day of fun in the sun.

When we arrived in Blackpool everyone went off to do their own thing, some of us wanted to go to the funfair, others wanted to go shopping and some wanted to go to the arcades and the beach.  Between us all we managed to do a bit of everything that Blackpool has to offer.  As we were at the seaside fish and chips were a must!

Toni said “I enjoyed walking around with my friends.”

Max said “It was good, I went to the beach, it was nice being with everyone from People First Merseyside.”

Patrick said “It was good, we got good exercise walking around Blackpool.  Everyone was meeting up with their friends.  The young people really enjoyed it.  It would have been nice to do more but we didn’t have enough time, a day isn’t enough to do everything in Blackpool.”

Phil said “We couldn’t have chosen a better day.  I have thoroughly enjoyed today, teaming up with everyone and spending time with my friends.  It was great because we got to go off and do what we wanted.”

Jason said “It was good, I liked meeting new people.  My favourite ride was The Big One, we went upside down on some rides!”

Stephen said “I liked getting out and meeting new people.  I liked all of it, I was supporting my friend.”

James said “It was wicked”

David said “We went round the shops, I nought presents.  It made me feel different because I was out with my friends.”

Simon said “It was brilliant.  It was the first time I had been out for the day with People First Merseyside.”

Rachel and Wil said “We had a laugh, the weather was nice.  It made us feel happy because we got to choose what we wanted to do.”

Oona said “I liked the trip, especially the weather.”

Shirley said “It was really good, the weather and food nice.  It was just loads of fun, I would like to go back to see the lights.”

Stephen G said “It was fantastic.  I went to Madame Tussauds, I was made up seeing all the footballers and I got to have a drink in the Rovers Return – It was brilliant.”

Tracy said “It was good, It was nice to be out in the sunshine, I did a lot of walking along the front, the arcade, the pier.  All in all it was a really good day out.”

Geraldine said “It was brilliant, I was out with my mates and not my support staff.”

Lesley said “I loved being out and going shopping with my friends.”



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