Move It Monday at Rileys

On Monday 12th June our Move It Monday group went to Rileys in Liverpool as part of our BASH project.  We all met at Lime Street station so that we could make our way to Rileys together.  It was a great afternoon and was very competitive at times.

Shirley said “It’s great, everyone is telling me how good I am.  It reminds me of my youth when I was at college.”

Joe B said “It’s good, I have won trophies before.  The game is sporty, it gets us moving around.  It’s all about having fun.”

Simon said “It’s good, I like being out with my mates.”

David said “I like it here, there’s lots of tables to play on.  I like being out with my friends.”

Alex said “It’s very good, I used to play a long time ago.  I’m getting used to playing again.  membership is free, I might sign up and come regularly.”

Ian “I used to come to People First years ago.  This is great because I am meeting people I haven’t seen for years.”

Michael said ” I am enjoying it, it’s something to do, I would be at home doing nothing otherwise.”

John said “It’s brilliant, I want to get my confidence back up.  Coming to play pool helps me because I am learning where everything is.”

Emma said “It’s great, I like playing pool, it makes me feel happy.”

Sarah said “I am mixing with the Liverpool members, it’s building us as a team, making us communicate better.”

Rachel said “It’s good, I’m getting to know the Liverpool group better.”

Geraldine said “It’s fun because we are socialising and getting out with our friends.”

Karen said “It’s brilliant being here.  I play pool with my boyfriend but now I’m out with my friends.”

Joanne is new to People First. She said, “I love playing pool.  It’s alright I’m making new friends.”

Nicola said “This is the first time I’ve played pool, I like it, we are meeting new people.”

Lesley said “It’s out of the office, I’m made up, it’s something new, it’s fantastic, I’m enjoying it.”

As it was such a success we are going to plan to back to Riley’s in a few weeks time.

Next Week our Move It Monday Group will be going out to the World Museum in Liverpool for a rock pool handling session.  If you want to find out more about it call us on 0151 707 6751 or 0151 329 2137.

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