Health First Sefton- new roadshow St Josephs

Sefton health champions Lesley, Phil and PaulĀ did a roadshow today, to a new group at St Josephs in Formby. There were 24 people there and everyone got really involved. Lots of support staff said that they had learned new things for example, how much sugar is in coke and jelly babies.

People tried the beer goggles to see what it is like if you drink too much alcohol. People said, ” I couldn’t see properly” andĀ  “It made me feel really dizzy, I would be worried about walking around the streets like that!”

People really enjoyed looking at the eat well plate and picking out their favourite foods. People said, “I really like strawberries and I am glad to hear they are a healthy food”.

After looking at the Eatwell plate leaflet, people picked some food and put them in the right category on the plate. Remember to eat most from the Green and Yellow sections on the plate.

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