Health First Sefton – First Roadshow at Manna Day Centre, Maghull

Sefton Health Champions Phil, Nicola and Simon  ran their first roadshow at the Manna Day Centre in Maghull today.

This is  day centre is only 1 year old and we were given a tour to look around. There was a training room and lots of other rooms. There were activities like, cooking, hair and beauty, arts and crafts and lifestyle skills.

Phil said, ” I am so impressed with this centre”.

Simon said,” This is great , I love the football pitch, I have played here before”

Nicola said, ” The beauty area looks great, I would love to come back for another visit”.

We then ran the roadshow and 15 people attended. Everyone loved having a go at the beer goggles to learn how dangerous it can be to drink too much alcohol.

People said, “I felt very wobbly and would fall over in the street” and

“It could be really bad if you were crossing a road like that”.

We then played the sugar game  and people said, ” I am shocked how much sugar is in jelly babies” and  “I need to stop drinking full fat coke”.

At the end of the road show everyone gave a round of applause and asked if we could come back again soon. Well done to the health champions!






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