Health First Sefton-Final Session Sex Education & Relationships

Sefton Health champions had their final session of the Sex Education & Relationships course. Trish and Ann were our trainers. Today we did some work  about safe meeting places.

Everyone divided into 2 groups and we wrote down as many places as we could think of, where people are likely to meet other people for the first time. We then had to decide if they were safe places to meet people to start a relationship or not.

We agreed that places that might not be safe were;


In a queue the shops

pubs and clubs when you do not know anyone

at the swimming pool if you’ve just met someone

public toilets

parks, especially at night


We agreed that safe places were;

at organised groups like People First Merseyside and  daycentres.


We then did a quiz to check out how much we had learned on the course. We learned thinks like;

It’s OK to say NO

The legal age for sex is 16 years

Sexual health clinics are free

There are different types of sexuality

We all should respect each other personal space

Personal space can be measures by your arm’s length.

At the end of the session everyone got a certificate and gave Trish and Ann a huge round of applause to thank them. We then celebrated our achievement with a treat,some cakes that Trish brought in for us!

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