Sefton Health Champions Training Course – Week 2

Sefton Health Champions started their sex education course after having a planning session 2 weeks ago. Today we focused on  Unhealthy and Healthy Relationships.

We all did an exercise and discussed things we like and don’t like about some people. We talked about the different types of relationships like friends and families. We then split into groups and discussed what a healthy and unhealthy relationship is. A healthy relationship is about trust, respect  and caring for each other.

We also did  group work to look at the different stages of a relationship, like meeting for a coffee or going to the pictures. We looked at lots of pictures and put them in a timeline. It took a while for us all to agree.

At the end of the session people said the following comments about the session,

“Very good, went really well, helpful, quite a lot of knowledge ,comfortable, curious and helpful”.

We are all really looking forward to our next session with Trish.


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